Fancort’s UR+ Dispense kit

3 500,00

  •  Fast Setup: Universal bracket/
    pre-wiring/tuning/syringe includes
    everything you need to begin
    dispensing in minutes.
  • Plug & Play Integration: Pre-configured
    wiring harness includes UR connector,
    control box hole grommet, and CAP
    for communication setup.
  • Flexible & Upgradable: Universal
    bracket works with syringe and many
    of our advanced valves.
  • Onboard Instructions: Includes teach
    pendant software with instruction
    library to help support your dispense
    questions and get you up and
    running faster

How does it work?

With your UR robot rigidly mounted and a flat surface working area
available you can get quickly started by mounting the universal dispense
valve assembly to your robot, plug the controller into power, air, connect
the wiring harness (pre-wired) and pressure lines (quick connects).
Once setup you can follow the quick start instructions to being laying
down the bead size required.

Technical Details

Includes a URCap plugin: Yes
Compatibility: UR3e, UR5e, UR10e, UR3, UR5, UR10 (CB3.1, CB3.0)
Software required: Polyscope 3.7 and up
Dependencies: 80 PSIG air supply. 120 V single phase power
Dimensions: Controller, Bracket
What’s in the box:
• Controller
• Universal Dispense Bracket
• Quick connect wiring harness
• Syringe
• Syringe mount
• Precision dispense needle sample kit (~150 Tips)
• Dispense dot volume chart
• Quick Start Manual
• Foot Pedal (for manual dispense)
• Tube set
• Misc fittings
License type: One time purchase


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