OnRobot Force Torque Sensor Kit XH

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OnRobot Force/Torque Sensor Kit

Model: HEX-70-XH-200N


The stiffer but less precise model.

The OnRobot’s Force Torque Sensor Kit for Universal Robots is an easy to use hardware and software component that allows you to extend the force/torque sensing capability of your UR robot.

How does it work?

Within the UR’s Polyscope program you can get access to the force/torque signal (Fx,Fy,Fz,Tx,Ty,Tz) of the OnRobot sensor with the help of the provided Program templates.
These signals are updated at a rate of 125Hz for a high fidelity force/torque sensing.

Advantages and benefits

It is completely plug and play. You can start your application development within an hour with the help of our Program templates.
With the help of this KIT you can get a precise force/torque measurement in order to create force based applications like polishing, contact sensing, etc.


Technical details

Includes a URCap plugin:



UR3, UR5, UR10

Software version required: 

OnRobot software is compatible with CB3+ hardware and 3.3+ software versions only

Certifications and standards:



70 x 78.5 x 35 mm

Kit contents:

The OnRobot Force/Torque sensor (HEX-70-XH-200N) along with all the hardware and software required to install the Force/Torque Sensor on the UR wrist (including mechanical couplings, cables, and screws) and get it ready to work with.The software is on a USB stick with automatic installation.

License type:

One-time purchase