OnRobot Gecko SP-5


  • Compact, lightweight Gecko Single Pad Gripper requires no cables, electricity, air, or programming for cost-effective, plug-and-play performance
  • Innovative adhesive gripper for flat, smooth, or perforated objects automates tasks that were previously not possible
  • No-mark gripping even for shiny surfaces – cleaning step is not required, saving time and improving productivity
  • Payloads up to 5 kg

Gecko SP gripper offers no-mark automation for flat, shiny, and perforated workpieces without electricity or air supply required. The Gecko SP is available in three sizes; SP1, SP3 and SP5 named after the gripper’s payload in kilos, featuring ability to lift a wide range of flat, smooth, shiny or perforated surfaces. Because the technology doesn’t mark even high-shine surfaces, it eliminates the need for a cleaning step in manufacturing processes, saving time and improving output. Similar to its larger sibling, the Gecko SP can grip even perforated workpieces such as printed circuit boards, aluminium mesh or head gaskets.


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