ProFeeder Light

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ProFeeder Light

ProFeeder Light from EasyRobotics is a mobile and compact modular robot cell that can be easily moved around the production site by the use of a pallet truck and placed next to a long range processing machines. The solution is the first step in the ProFeeder series towards a fully automated production with 4-shift operation. ProFeeder Light is suitable for small series production and with increased need for automation and efficiency of production, it can be extended to either ProFeeder or ProFeeder Multi solutions. The modular concept is an affordable and quick way to get started with robot automation.


Benefits of ProFeeder Light:

  •     Quick setup.
  •     Optimised production of a small series.
  •     Can be used with most types of processing machines.
  •     A mobile and compact robot cell that is easy to move around with a pallet truck.
  •     The compact design allows easy access to the CNC machine and or milling machine.
  •     Can be used as an ”extra pair of hands” during peak production or extra orders.
  •     The robot can be placed on all three sides of the robot cell, providing high flexibility with respect to the location of the cell next to the CNC machines.


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