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The basic functionality is to use MiR100/MiR200 or MiR250 (with AM250) with the TML150 attached to move goods between logistic points. The TML150 can be customized to support a variety of pallets and fixtures that are already a part of an existing assembly flow.

Application interface
The top module is prepared for attaching various end user applications, which fit in the individual production setup.

Maximum payload
MiR100: 50kg
MiR200: 150 kg.
MiR250 with AM250: 150 kg.

The top module is designed to be used with two different docking stations:
Docking Station Lifter Base for TML150 Adjustable - Floor mounted.
Docking Station Lifter Base for TML150 Fixed – Floor mounted.

Top Module

The TML150 has a built-in lifting mechanism that enables easy pick up of packages, pallets, fixtures etc.


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