ROEQ Top Module for cart300

7 370,00

Fits on MiR-100/200 and 250 with an AM250 adapter. It is used to easily move carts between ”Precision docking” stations or ”Easy pull-out” stations.

Top Module (TMC300)
The TMC300 is developed to support internal logistics in industry and healthcare facilities where cargo up to 300kg is transported.
The basic functionality of the TMC300 system is to perform automated internal transport with the MiR100/MiR200/MiR250 with AM250.
The TMC300 interacts with a mechanism in the Cart300 that enables the MiR robot to collect and deliver carts in the ROEQ docking station system.

Maximum payload
MiR100: 150 kg.
MiR200: 300 kg.
MiR250 with AM250: 300 kg



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