UR 20

48 900,00

In applications where its little brother has gone to its limits and beyond to help our customers big brother has finally joined the family business!

UR20 is more than welcome with its payload limit of 20 kg and a reach of 1750 mm and only a weight of 64 kg!


The UR20 will be applicable in many application from pick and place to large welding solutions. With Universal Robots easy to learn interface you will be able, after some guidance, to set up your applications yourselves.

We see the biggest market for the UR20 in palletizing, machine tending and welding/dispensing. But that dosent matter at all, whats matters most is where you see its market. Together with our salesmen, technicians or integrators we are happy to help you from an idea to applications with one of the fastest ROIs on the market.


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