Agilox ODM Charging Station

Agilox ODM stationary Charging Station

Charging System

Batteries are automatically charged by driving to a charging station. The vehicle is charged via a charging plate on the floor and corresponding charging contacts on the underside of the vehicle. One charging station per AGILOX vehicle is required.

Charging stations for AGILOX ODM, AGILOX ONE and AGILOX OCF are not compatible.

The automated charging process depends on a large variety of parameters. To increase the service life of AGILOX vehicles and/or their batteries, an AGILOX vehicle may stop and remain at a charging station, however, without charging its battery. This will not impair the efficiency of the system as such a decision is made by an intelligent algorithm.
The AGILOX vehicle lowers the forks when it is on the charging station.
Pressing the emergency stop button will also interrupt the charging of the vehicle’s battery. After eliminating the danger in question and resetting the emergency stop button, the start button needs to be pushed to be able to resume charging the vehicle’s battery.