Agilox Obstacle Avoidance

Additional 3D sensor system in the direction of travel to increase safety in man-machine mixing mode


You want to use the AGILOX in an environment where people and especially forklift trucks or tugger trains also travel? Add additional safety functions to your AMR! An additionally installed 3D LIDAR sensor, Obstacle Avoidance, detects obstacles in the travel path that cannot be detected by the 2D safety laser scanners. This also makes it possible to actively avoid obstacles.

Apart from the person detection safety features required by law, optional collision monitoring system is also able to identify obstacles up to the full height of the vehicle provided that they meet certain criteria.
The sensor system allows monitoring at half the vehicle‘s height both on the left and the right of
the vehicle. The vehicle monitors the entire braking distance +1000 mm when moving in a straight
line. Whenever an object is detected within this monitored range, an emergency stop (not subject
to mandatory operator confirmation) will be triggered.


Available for all Agilox vehicles.