Aim Robotics – Aim FD-400

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Airless cartridge dispenser.
Standard 400ml DIN 1284 cartridge dispensing unit.
Typical application: grease

FD 400

The original Aim Robotics dispenser – no use of air, all-in-one system. Designed to work with 400 ml cartridges and has automatic dosing speed increase while dispensing. Maintains a modular system, making it easy to switch to FD 310 and FD HighV.


Built for Collaborative Robots
  • Native Universal Robots e-Series and CB support
  • Single 8-pin connector – no need for air lines or bulky power cables
  • Suitable for robots with a payload of 3 kg and up


Easy to Use
  • Plug&Dispense – get started in 10 minutes
  • One easy-to-use software interface for all products
  • All-in-one solution – full control over the dispensing parameters from the robot


Quality Control
  • Airless technology ensures minimal flow variation
  • Patented SteadyFlow technology ensures synchronous flow with robot TCP speed
  • Automatic error detection and operator alert


Exchangeable Auger Screws
  • 5 mm pitch – for high inherent resistance and low flow rate
  • 7.5 mm pitch – for moderate inherent resistance and flow rate
  • 10 mm pitch – for low inherent resistance and high flow rate



Weight: 1,7 kg

Dimensions: 135 x 145 x 390

Container: 400ml, DIN 1284

Application: Grease

Approximate viscosities in centipoise: 150,000 – 2,000,000

Aim Robotics – Aim FD-400
4 500