Palomat Agilox

  • Save space with a tidy work place
  • Optimised pallet flow
  • Improved work environment
  • Reduced pallet costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • No manual pallet handling
  • Less absence due to illness
  • Reduced time spent per pallet
  • Fewer back injuries, jammed fingers and feet
  • Less truck driving
  • LEAN – increased efficiency with less resources


The future calls for automation, and with PALOMAT® AGV you are guaranteed a strong position when it comes to a more streamlined production and workflow.

PALOMAT® AGV is equipped with an interface for external equipment, making it the perfect partner for your driverless forklift truck – together, they will make the pallet flow completely automated and efficient. The interface allows them to exchange signals and communicate independently to maintain a constant pallet flow to and from the production line, thereby improving your internal logistics.

PALOMAT® AGV automatically stacks and destacks empty pallets individually at floor level. When the PALOMAT is empty or full, it signals the AGV which will automatically ensure that the pallet magazine is filled or emptied. It also ensures uniform docking and thus optimises the entire workflow of the driverless forklift truck.

Choose between 4 different standard colors: RAL 3002, RAL 5002, RAL 7032, RAL 7035.

If you want another RAL colour, it will have an added cost.


PALOMAT® AGV Electrical incl. program

The PALOMAT® AGV Electrical is an effective solution for both stacking and destacking empty pallets in today’s demanding work environment. Driverless forklift trucks and the PALOMAT® AGV pallet magazine are a perfect pair when it comes to fully automating and streamlining the flow of pallets. The PALOMAT® AGV is an ergonomic aid, which stacks and destacks empty pallets individually at floor level, fully automatically.
The PALOMAT® AGV Electrical functions by electrical power only.


PALOMAT® AGV Electrical for 15 pallets

For fully automatic stacking and destacking


Machine type:

PALOMAT® AGV Electrical – with program
Electric linear actuators: LINAK
Complete with Siemens PLC controller S7-1200
Power rating: 220-240VAC 50 Hz 1P+N+PE
Interface box to exchange signals
Inclusive safety frame + maximum indicator for 15 pallets


Prepared for AGV communication:

– Terminal box, easy connection to AGV signal box.
– Incl. standard program for AGV.


Output from PALOMAT® to AGV:

1. Signal for PALOMAT® is empty (destacking)
2. Signal that a new pallet is ready to be retrieved (destacking)
3. Signal for PALOMAT® full (stacking)
4. Signal that the magazine is ready for a new pallet (stacking)
5. Signal for error/breakdown.


Input to PALOMAT® from AGV:

1. Signal to choose destacking
2. Signal To choose stacking
3. Signal for emptying the PALOMAT® – full stack.


Electrical Specifications:

Digital outputs Relay 2A: (Potential-free)
Rated value (DC)………………….5V DC to 30V DC
Rated value (AC)…………………..5V AC to 250V AC
Digital input: (Potential-free)
Rated value (DC):……………………24V DC