GoPal Conveyor Pallet Station (EW)

Automatic interface between the GoPal E24W robot and conveyor for pallets (with load).

Conveyor Station (EW)

The Conveyor Station (EW) provides a seamless integration with PLC using a traditional pallet conveyor system.

The station enables the GoPal AMRs to transport pallets within production environments with conveyor systems.

Pallets types supported: standard Euro-pallets and industrial pallets.

AMRs supported: all GoPal robots.



Max load: 1500 kg + 30 kg pallet.
Pallet dimensions: In acc. w. EUR1 & 3 pallet dim., UIC 435-2 & -5 or EN 13382/EN13698-1 & 2.
Pallet traction concept: Steel rollers.
Remote control: Direct logical wire interface to associated pallet conveyor,plus GoControl – central computer w. specific SW via Wi-Fi.
Sensors: Detection of pallet presence in correct position.
Safety system: Hand operated emergency stops (4, placed each corner), safety stop reset buttonAutomatic safety stop if pallet reaces pallet station openingSoft acceleration and limited speed.
User interface: Manual emergency stops (safety system) reset button w. light and status indicator lamp.
Signaling: Yellow flashing indicator light, for indication of imminent/ongoing pallet motion.

Automatic pallet station weight: 375kg.
Length: 1632mm, Width: 1323mm, Height: 419mm.