GoPal Lift Station

Automaticly controlled interface between the GoPal robots and e.g. a pallet lifter for pallets (with load).
Made to be safe to work around!

Lift Station (EUW)

The Lift Station (EUW) is a column lift station, which supports normal, half-, and industrial Euro-pallets, as well as US/UK pallets. It is designed to be used as a workstation, usually at the end of the production line/end of a packaging line.

The integrated control panel makes it easy to move pallets up or down and to request the GoPal AMR for pallet transportation.

Operation: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic.

AMRs supported: all GoPal AMRs.



Max load: 1200 kg + 35 kg pallet.
Pallet dimensions: Standard & industrial EURO and US – change between types requires station reconfiuration.
Pallet material: Wood or plastic.
Pallet condition: Undamaged, original strength maintained.
Pallet lifting concept: Spindel mechanism (covered), actuated by electric motor.
Control: Manually activated pushbuttons for up or down motion and/or remote control by GoControl – central computer w. specific SW via Wi-Fi or LAN.
Sensors: Detection of pallet position (height): Floor, above floor, robot height, below top and top.
Safety system: Hand operated emergency stops (on pallet frame and contol box) & safety stop reset button. Yellow flasher/beeper (on spindel tower), warning signs. Foot protection stop contacts (under pallet frame).
User interface: Up/down and robot call push buttons, LAN interface.
Service interface: Main ON/OFF switch, for sevice use. USB interface, for factory and service use.
Signaling: Up/down push buttons green when ready, and red when locked for robot entry. Yellow flashing and beeping when moving. Robot call push button signals as for RWU010/022/023.

Pallet position (min, from top of pallet): 220 mm
Pallet position (max, from top of pallet): 900 mm

Automatic pallet station weight: 370 kg.
Length: 1 775 mm, Width: 1 296/1 496 mm (Pallet EUR/Wide), Height: 1 678 mm.