GoPal Mobile Lift Station

GoPal stations are used as pick-up, delivery, and transit points. Robotize offers a wide range of stations, which allow for seamless integration in your facility – whether you require a conveyor belt interface or a non-standard pick-up delivery height.

Mobile Lift Station

The Mobile Lift Station not only makes palletizing easy and safe, but also mobile. During palletizing, the design allows for easy and safe access to the pallet, as well as allowing the pallet height to be continuously adjusted from a height of 380 mm to floor level – ensuring continuous optimum ergonomic working height.

And, as the name implies, the innovative design makes the lift station mobile, which means that it can be quickly moved to another part of the work floor – with or without payload.



Max. load: 300 kg.

Weight: 199,5 kg.

Width: 1 440 mm.

Lenght: 1 757 mm.

Upper Position (Heigth until top of shelf): 1 288 mm.

Lower Position (Heigth until top of shelf): 985 mm.