Robotize PALOMAT Interface KIT

To further facilitate the safe and simple automation of your internal pallet transport, all Robotize accessories are designed, produced, and approved to work seamlessly with Robotize AMRs and GoControl Fleet Manager. The GoPal is a fully integrated plug-and-play solution that is safe and simple – with no surprises or hidden costs.

Palomat Interface Kit

Components necessary to interface it to Robotize GoPal robot system.

Even though the Palomat is CE-approved and considered safe plus the GoPal system is CE-
approved and considered safe, It is the responsibility of the owner of owner to ensure that the
combination of the Palomat and the GoPal system is safe.

To integrate the PALOMAT® AMR into the GoPal system, an interface kit from Robotize is required. With the kit mounted the Robotize GoPal system can communicate with the PALOMAT® and thereby fully automating the process of stacking or destacking empty pallets. A 3D camera is supplied as part of the interface kit to increase safety and ensure that full pallets are prevented to enter the PALOMAT® AMR.

The kit is mounted after delivery of the Palomat and enables the Palomat to detect if a robot for some reason should have a load on the pallet it wants to deliver back to the Palomat or if it is empty when it tries to pick up a pallet from the Palomat.


Included in KIT:

GoPal AUX Box

3D Camera

Screw M3x4 A2 PAN

Screw M3x12 A2 PAN

Cable tie, nylon 100x2,5 mm

USB C to USB C socket

USB-C cable 3.1, 2 m

USB-C A 3.1, 1 m

Photo sensor Thru-beam pair

Wire 0.5mm2 1kV blue PVC

Wire 0.5mm2 1kV brown PVC

Heat shrink tube 3mm 3:1, black

Cable 1m M8 4 p connector