Axson EasyAutoWelder SOLUTION

• A compact solution for welding
• Cost effective and flexible
• Easily placed, requires little floor space
• ”TeachGrip” Can be programmed directly at the burner without using the teach pendant
• Easy to learn and intuitive
• Quickly get started and produce
• Suitable for both small and medium series
• Improved ergonomics and working environment
• Available in ”D” versions with two opposite welding tables
• Handles welding objects up to 200 kg

EasyAutoWelder – Complete Welding Solution

Want to increase productivity, without investing in a full robotization?

EasyAuto Welder is a cost-effective automation for serie production with high flexibility. Very easy to get started with and easy to program, even for those who have no previous programming experience!


Plug and Weld

Installable in application-adapted workstations, as long as safety-determining factors are met, allows the available floor space to be utilized to the maximum, to obtain the most rational handling of the workpieces to be welded.



Makes it easy to program positions, movements and other instructions. No need for programming experience!

Complete Welding Solution

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