SPIN Screwdriving Solution

  • All screws
  • Easy to set up
  • Automatic bit changer
  • OPC-UA

Plug-n-Produce, Screw-driving solution

  • Plug-n-produce: Experience smooth integration and effortless setup with user-friendly solution. No complicated installations or configurations are required.
  • CE-marked: Plug-n-Produce has met the stringent European safety and quality requirements, guaranteeing its reliability and compliance.
  • Manpower: Free up workers for other tasks and thereby alleviate the lack of manpower.
  • Highest safety: Plug-n-Produce ensures the utmost safety, meeting the highest industry standards. You can now focus on your work without worrying about any compromises.
  • Improve quality: Elevate your production standards and deliver the best results with cutting-edge technology. With this, defects will be significantly reduced.
  • Ensure Traceability: Capture and store critical process data, enabling you to make informed decisions and track performance over time. Moreover, you can gain valuable insights and optimize your operations by accessing real-time process data with ease.
  • Improve output: Boost your productivity to new heights and maximize efficiency with our innovative Plug-n-Produce.
  • Bit-changer: Adapt to different screws and enhance versatility with advanced bit-changer feature ultimately making your job simpler.
  • OPC-UA: Enjoy seamless global connectivity, and access your Plug-n-Produce remotely from anywhere around the globe.


Transform your assembly line with a plug-n-produce screw-driving solution that works safely, reliably, and even in close collaboration with your workforce.



Included in PP: Collaborative Robot UR3/5/10e, Table1200X800, SD35/SD70, Bit changer, SpinMount, SpinBridge, Screw feeder, Signal Column, Emergency Stop Button, SpinDash-Board, software, 10.2″ tablet.

Optional in PP: OPC-UA.


Included in TT: Collaborative Robot UR3/5e, SD35/SD35V, Automatic Bit Changer, Integrated LED light, Emergency stop & start button, Instruction manual, Risk assesment, Declaration of Conformity, Basic Traning package.

Optional in TT: OPC-UA, Screw presenter, 10.5″ Tablet, Vacuum kit.


Bosch Case at Spin Robotics with system.

Spin Robotics Dashboard.


Contact us for more information depending on robot and accessories.