Aim Robotics TCP Calibration Tool

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  • More control & precision
  • Contactless automatic TCP calibration
  • Use when changing tip or syringe/container

TCP Calibration Tool

The TCP Calibration Tool uses high-precision operator-safe LED technology to calibrate the tool centre point of your end-effector.


Minimum sensing object: ø0,3 mm opaque object
Repeatability: 0,02 mm or less
Connector: M8 4-pin


Built for Collaborative Robots
  • Native Universal Robots e-Series and CB support
  • Single 4-pin connector – no need for bulky power cables
  • User-centric design


Easy to Use
  • Plug&Calibrate – get started in 10 minutes
  • One easy-to-use software interface for all products
  • Plane definition landmarks for simple programming


Quality Control
  • Detects even the smallest objects – down to a ø0.3 mm opaque object
  • Unbeatable repeatability – 0.02 mm or less
Aim Robotics TCP Calibration Tool
2 860