Fancort’s UR+ Dispense kit

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  •  Fast Setup: Universal bracket/
    pre-wiring/tuning/syringe includes
    everything you need to begin
    dispensing in minutes.
  • Plug & Play Integration: Pre-configured
    wiring harness includes UR connector,
    control box hole grommet, and CAP
    for communication setup.
  • Flexible & Upgradable: Universal
    bracket works with syringe and many
    of our advanced valves.
  • Onboard Instructions: Includes teach
    pendant software with instruction
    library to help support your dispense
    questions and get you up and
    running faster

Fancort UR+ Fluid Dispensing Kits

Plug’n play fluid dispense kit that fits all Universal Robots – the world’s leading Co-bots. This kit are designed to dispense fluids from 100-400,000 centi-poise with minimal and easy integration including a universal mounting bracket that works for the standard syringe as well as the precision engineered valves.


How does it work?

This UR+ solution is a plug and play kit, the I/O are pre-wired so that you can plug it directly into the controller. This kit is shipped in one box: 14″ x 12″ x 10″ 10 LBS.


Technical Details:

Includes a URCap plugin: Yes
Compatibility: UR3e, UR5e, UR10e, UR3, UR5, UR10 (CB3.1, CB3.0)
Software required: Polyscope 3.7 and up
Dependencies: 80 PSIG air supply. 120 V single phase power
Dimensions: Controller, Bracket


What’s in the box:

1. Controller
2. Universal Dispense Bracket
3. Quick connect wiring harness
4. Syringe
5. Syringe mount
6. Precision dispense needle sample kit (~150 Tips)
7. Dispense dot volume chart
8. Quick Start Manual
9. Foot Pedal (for manual dispense)
10. Tube set
11. Misc fittings
License type: One time purchase

Fancort’s UR+ Dispense kit
2 499