New Scale Robotics Gripper/Caliper

5 700

Highest measurement precision for small part inspection and sorting
Highest finger motion precision for intricate small part handling and assembly in tight spaces


Small and light design for fast, precise movement and multiple grippers on a single robot


Quick connect to UR tool port or New Scale Robotics Multi-Tool Mount
no cables along the robot arm for continuous 360-degree rotation
no external controller


Easy-to-use URCaps application lets you build gripper processes in minutes

Precision Gripper / Caliper NSR-PG-10-20-URe

Now you can automate small part measurement using your UR cobot! The NSR-PG-10-20-URe Precision Gripper/Caliper replaces manual digital calipers. Automate inspection and gauging, make in-process decisions such as part sorting or pass/fail. Log the data to a PC for statistical process control.
The NSR-PG Gripper/Caliper is included in the Q-Span Workstation Application Kit for measurement inspection.


  • Pick-MEASURE-RECORD-and-place
  • Small part measurement inspection and sorting
  • Measurement resolution of 2.5 µm (0.1 inches/1000)
  • Small enough to mount multiple grippers/calipers on one UR3e robot – do more with fewer large moves
  • Simple to connect and use – one cable, no external controller
  • Takes full advantage of the new e-Series RS-485 interface
  • Build processes in minutes with NSR Devices URCap


Precision Parallel Gripper, RS485, 10N force, 20 mm travel, 2.5 um resolution!

New Scale Robotics Gripper/Caliper
5 700