piCOBOT®L Lift more with less

Use the greatest advantage of your cobot or small industrial robot. Keeping robot and cobot costs low is a critical factor in getting a return on your investment. piCOBOT®L allows you to use the full capacity of your equipment with a lifting capacity of up to 16 kg.

Equipped with up to 4 COAX® SX42-
ejectors for high speed applications.

Lift more with less
Move larger and heavier objects with a small unit. Despite a construction height of only 107 mm, piCOBOT®L can handle a load of a whopping 16 kg.

Safe for collaboration
Rounded edges for direct interaction between human and robot.

Increased operating time
Minimal maintenance time and cleaning requirements thanks to easy service access and filters that protect against dust.

Even for demanding environments
A robust and IP 65 compliant pump unit for use in demanding and humid environments.