Schunk EGK

Gripper for small components EGK

Flexible gripper for small components EGK

Versatile 2-finger gripper for small components for maximum workpiece variety with maximum process reliability.


  • Available in 3 sizes: 25, 40 and 50.
  • You can set the force and program the stroke.
  • There are 2 different grip functions: Normal and soft grip. Soft grip means that the gripper grips softly and is for more sensitive products.
  • URCap is available.

The user has access to the highest level of functionality due to the components embedded in the gripper. This allows the gripper fingers to be pre-positioned at high speed or for dipping into a workpiece holder. The gripping force can be continuously adjusted to the workpiece handling requirement. Workpiece recognition enables full process transparency for the user. In an emergency stop situation, workpiece loss can be avoided due to the integrated gripping force maintenance.

The BasicGrip and SoftGrip gripping modes are available. With BasicGrip and SoftGrip, continuous operation of the motor and thus permanent re-gripping of the workpiece is possible. The gripping speed is automatically optimized to the gripping force setting with BasicGrip. With SoftGrip, fracture-sensitive workpieces can be gripped particularly gently by reducing the impulse forces to a minimum when they hit the workpiece.