Schunk MTB

Machine Tending Bundle

Application Kit MTB

The MTB application kits enable quick and easy implementation of automated machine loading. The specific application kits take on the important key role of workpiece handling and workpiece clamping. They seamlessly fit into the machine environment.


  • Developed specifically for Machine Tending.
  • Possible as Single or Dual gripper set-up.
  • These are pneumatically activated and are available in 2 sizes.
    SG JGP-P 80 and 100.
    DG JGP-P 64 and 80.
  • In this kit, there is also the option of a workpiece clamping that you can choose, also pneumatically activated.
  • Robot Kit needed for cables and so on (not included).
  • URCap is available.


Advantages – Your benefits

The perfect match.
Due to the high application specialization of the application kits, you do not have to search long for a suitable solution. Use your time for more important things.

Increased productivity.
You don’t have an employee available for a third shift? Let the robot work for you.

Relieve employees.
Protect your employees from dirty, dangerous and tedious tasks such as manual loading and cleaning operations.

Plug & work.
The seamless integration of the components into the robot control system saves you from having to carry out extensive integration work.