OnRobot X-shaped/Knurled Fingertips, 3FG15


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3FG X-shape fingertips

Improves the ability of the 3FG15 to handle round objects as well as objects with collar-like features. Increases weight capabilities, due to the form fit.

3FG Knurled fingertip set

The knurled fingertip set enhances the 3FG15 gripper’s ability to handle heavier payload workpieces that are slippery or wet. Such workpieces are commonly found in CNC machine tending applications where oil or cutting fluids are often applied to workpieces.
The knurled fingertip provides increased friction on the workpiece with its coarse surface. Please be aware that the knurled fingertip can leave gripping marks on the workpiece handled.

X-Shaped, Knurled

OnRobot X-shaped/Knurled Fingertips, 3FG15
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