Smartshift Baseshift

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  • Utilize 1 robot at several workstations
  • Easy to fasten and use
  • Quick movement and accurate installation in seconds
  • Exact zero positioning anywhere and anytime
  • Repeat same operation without reprogramming
  • Cost effective solution
  • Fasten the Master Plate to the robot and to the base/cell where robot shall stand.
  • Rotate the locking pin 180* and easily slide the robot out of the Base Plate.
  • You can now move the robot to the new workstation.
  • Make sure to use the fixation pin, so the accuracy is maintained.
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Robot Base Station

Utilize the robot at several workstations. The Robot Base Set makes it easy to move the robot to another workstation without unscrew the robot every time. Fasten the robot to the Master Plate and fasten the Base Plate to the other workstation and the robot is ready to perform. For example, let the robot perform a welding task at first workstation and move it to the assembly line the next few hours. The patented design of the Robot Base secures exact zero-positioning every time so no need for reprogramming.


Accurate And Exact Fixation Between Various Workstations

SMARTSHIFT base plate is designed to utilize the robot at several workstations. It is easy to move and repeat the same operations at a new workstation and without reprogramming. The base clutch secures exact zero-positioning every time.The base is a standard flange that can be mounted on all types of Universal Robots or similar robots. Any flange design, depending on robot, can be developed. The Robotbase set consists of one robotbase plate and two base plates.

Robotbase set:

Kit, 1 Robot – 2 Workstations, Master base, Base bracket UR, Baseplate, Moving handle

Smartshift Baseshift
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