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Nordbo Mimic UR with FT Tracker

10 000

Human Skill – Machine Precision!
The FT Tracker for Mimic allows the user to record Trajectories by guiding the robot by hand.
The FT Tracker consists of a force- torque sensor and a handle. With these attached to the robot, the user can track complex movements.
The FT Tracker provides the Mimic software with the force-torque applied to the handle. The Mimic software converts the force-torque to a change in the position and orientation in 3Dspace applied to the robot TCP.
Included in Kit:
1x USB flash drive with Mimic URCap
1x Mimic FT Standard Handle
1x Mimic with FT Flange for UR
1x FT Tracker (NRS-6050-D80-UR Kit)
3x Vibration Dampers
3x M4x16 Bolts
1x Mimic Demo Suitcase

Mimic FT Kit

Mimic is an intuitive software platform that captures and transfers workers’ organic hand movements into robots by demonstration. It allows automation of complex tool paths that are too difficult and time consuming to program with a traditional point-to-point approach.

It is a modular and open software platform, which means that users maintain control of their robot, can use their own tracking technology and work with both handheld and robotic tools they already know.

The Mimic UR Kit consists of Nordbo Robotics’ pose tracker sensor and a corresponding URCap, ensuring an easy plug and play experience. Robots equipped with Mimic enable flexible automation of surface treatment in application areas of grinding, sanding, deburring, painting and pouring. There Mimic provides scalable flexibility as it does not require a robotics expert on-site to tweak and rearrange a production schedule. Workers can reconfigure their own production in a matter of hours, and without external involvement.


Nordbo Mimic UR with FT Tracker
10 000