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Your Robot, Your Movement


The tool that grants you total control of your collaborative robot.
It not only directs the movement of your robot but also adapts it completely to your automation vision


Is a comprehensive solution composed of hardware and software. It allows free movement without the use of the teach pendant, providing precise capture of points and trajectory for your Universal Robots robot.

Facilitates release, improves accessibility, and increases efficiency in your processes. The trajectory memorization function automates repetitive tasks, taking your operations to the next level.



Dimensions (LxWxH): 85 x 85 x 46,5 mm

Weight: 212 g

Connectors: M8 Male and Female Connectors

Software: URCap Path Recorder by NUTAI

Compatibility: e-serie and CB-serie

Gripper: Any gripper compatible with URniversal Robots.

Applications: Free-Motion Use, Point Capture, Trajectory Capture.


Freedom of movement
Eliminates teach pendant limitations, allowing the robot to move intuitively.

Precise trajectory capture
Thanks to its advanced software PATH RECORDER developed by NUTAI, RecDrive enables detailed trajectory capture for more precise automation.

Versatility in applications

From free-motion use to capturing points and trajectories, RECDrive adapts to various industrial applications.

Compatibility with Grippers
Works perfectly with any gripper, providing flexibility in object manipulation.


Path Recorder
  • Point-to-point trajectory saving.
  • Continuous trajectory capture.
  • Input configuration for free-motion.
  • Capture time period configuration in automatic mode.
  • Radio configuration for transition between movements.
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