GRIP SHW Manual Tool Changer Kit

  • Quick and easy removal and installation of the robot tool/gripper allows for greater and faster flexibility
  • A tool/gripper can be changed in a matter of seconds without any special skills.

GRIP SHW Connector Tool Changer

The SHW Connector was designed to be precise, durable and intuitive. The SHW Connector allows users to quickly change out tools, grippers or applications on a robot arm. This is accomplished through a mechanical release lever with a built-in safety. The Connector is comprised of an upper and a lower assembly. The upper assembly is attached to the robot arm while the lower assembly is attached to the tool/gripper. Connecting the two assemblies, connects the tool/gripper to the robot arm. This allows very quick installation of different tools without having to unscrew any part of the robot. This can be accomplished even with air and energy. Changing a tool/gripper with a GRIP Connector takes but a few seconds.


SHW Connector Advantages:

• Interface according to DIN EN ISO 9409-1
• High repeatability < 0.02 mm
• Durable – over 5000 application changes with no loss in accuracy
• Withstands high loads with low dead weight
• Toolless due to integrated operating lever
• Improved operating lever with pure folding movement
• Intuitive operation: can be released and closed with one hand
• Lightweight made of high-strength aluminum, anodized
• Integrated mounting surface for energy feed-through
• Locking pin secures the hand lever against unintentional release



External diameter x height [mm]: 63 x 38
Modell: SHW063
Mass [kg]: 0,35 (upper assembly 0,25, lower assembly 0,1)
payload [kg]: 24


Included in KIT:

G-SHW080-2OE SHW080 Connector (Robot PCD = 63 mm),
2pcs G-SHW080-2UE SHW080 Connector (Tool PCD = 63 mm),
3pcs G-ZS063-1 Centering disk Al, anodized
4pcs M6
pin ISO 2338.

The parts can of course be purchased separately, get in touch for more info!