Nordbo Automatic Tool Changer

1502 150

• High positional repeatability
• No air-supply required
• Plug & play
• Cobot interface (Ø50 4xM6)
• Always-ON safety
• URCap Included
• Optional I/O connector
• Optional tool holder
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Electric Tool Changer NTC-E10-UR

The NTC-E10 is a precise and reliable magnetic tool changer with an optional I/O coupling module. The unique use of an electro-permanent magnet discards the need for pneumatic equipment and connects directly to the robot’s I/O. Simply supply power to demagnetize the tool changer and detach the tool flange. The NTC-E10 can be further supplied with I/O coupling, enabling tool-changing between electrical grippers, while maintaining connectivity. The NTC-E10 is the perfect choice of tool changer for applications unsuited for pneumatics.


Dimensions, Assembled (Diameter x Height): 65 x 52 mm (When mounted H: 49 mm)
Tool Changer I/O: 24V, 1A (ON/OFF)

Weight (excl. NTC-IO): 531 g
Weight (incl. NTC-IO): 602 g

Minimum Clamping Distance: 2 mm
Max Payload (FOS=2.5): 10 kg

Avg. Max Static Moment Capacity X, Y (FOS=2): 2,5 Nm
(Optional) I/O 8-Pin Coupler, signal: 24V, 1A

Positional Repeatability, X: 0.026 mm
Positional Repeatability, Y: 0.063 mm


Starter Kit, Starter Kit +I/O, TC Robot+Tool, TC Robot, TC Tool, I/O Robot, I/O Tool, Holder

Nordbo Automatic Tool Changer
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