Smartshift Automatic & Manual Tool Changer

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  • Smart and modular system enables both mechanical, pneumatic and electrical connection,
  • Use more than one tool with seamless transition between tools,
  • Automatic exchange tools and perform various work tasks without stopping,
  • Replace a faulty or worn-out tool and eliminate production stop,
  • Perform strong facilitating precision within 50 microns up to 1000 Newton static load,
  • Electrical connectors – 8 pins with 24V 1 AMP,
  • Installation and programming with UR cap enables easy usage,
  • Lightweight components that maximize use of the robot
  • Unique patented design that combines strength, speed, and precision and qualifies hundreds of thousands of shifts.
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We only show the latest version and generation 3 here. Since most people today use electrical grippers we only show the electrical version, but it is possible to buy without electric module and if you want an older version it is still in stock – of course at a better price. Do not hesitate to get in touch.


Automatic and manual tool changer

Get robots work and switch automatically and autonomously between multiple tasks and tools in the same work process.
SMARTSHIFT universal tool changer system provides quick and easy deployment and redeployment of tools and is capable of handling various parts and processes in one workflow and in all collaborative applications.

SMARTSHIFT ensures compatibility on all UR robots and a wide range of tools.
The products have a unique, patented design and functionality that combines high strength, speed, and precision to achieve higher robot application performance.

SMARTSHIFT tool changer system is modular and upgradable from manual to automatic clutches, enabling mechanical, pneumatic, and electrical connection.
UR CAP is available, which ease the integration and programming of the tool changer.

SMARTSHIFT system is profitable for any industry and application regardless of size and type of business


Generation 3 – Lock pin

The new GEN III Smartshift Robotics Tool Changer has a upgraded locking pin system that is created to give more precision and stability then its former GEN II version.

Allthough the GEN II is a robust system with a accuracy of 0.05 mm, equal to the general Collaborative robot, the GEN III with its new lock technology tightens even better and will over time of use continue to function without any default. The angled shape on the locking pin slides in to position much like a wedge and will continue to tighten even with usage over time.

The Smartshift units have been tested at 1.6 million shifts and to secure any wearing of the POM, the wedge function is intended to continue its lock strength in a long lasting use scenario.

Freestanding the Lock pin will be in full suspension on the Tool Holder, but when mounted together the Lock pin will have a lower position due to the wedge function, unlike the GEN II cylinder shaped Lock pin.

By adding strength to our tools, we also add strength to the end user and the verity of Robot applications on the market.

Manual or Automatic:

Manual & Electric Kit, Automatic & Electric Kit, Robot Master Electric, Tool Holder Electric, Tool Pocket

Smartshift Automatic & Manual Tool Changer
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