Cobot Lift

  • Compact, quick to install and easy to configure
  • It increases lifting capacity of Universal Robot’s UR10 from 10 to 45kg
  • Usage of collaborative robot significantly reduces the footprint by over 50% compared to Industrial robotic’ cells
  • Operators can safely work side-by-side with the Cobot (in many cases, there is no need for fence system or cage)
  • Total solution with UR arm, vacuum tube lift and Cobot Lift device weighs less than 200kg.
  • Broad applications possibilities – standard fitting enables many end- effectors to be mounted to our flange – if you can grip it, we can lift it.
  • Full automation of lifting processes – ideal for Pick & Place and Palletizing tasks
  • End of arm does not have to be vacuum based. It can also be mechanic, electric, magnetic – anything you require to pick the product up

Cobot Lift

The Cobot Lift increases the payload of your UR10 from 10 to 45 kg. It is available as a mobile and a stationary model. Both Cobot Lift versions are successfully used in different production environments within various industries, such as Food and Agriculture, Automotive and Subcontractors, among other material handling and operations.

Fully equipped with innovative technology and easy-to-use features, Cobot Lift’s robots are designed to facilitate automation of any production plant and currently are breaking a new ground in the era of advanced manufacturing by lifting up to 45 kg, as well as, reducing footprint by over 50% compared to cells with industrial installations. On our Mobile and Stationary solutions, you can attach different grippers, enabling it to work with a wide range of materials such as sacks, boxes and buckets.


The Cobot Lift technology combines the power of a vacuum tube lifter with the collaborative intelligence of a Universal Robot arm. This ensures that the collaborative, safe and easy installation aspects from UR are maintained while boosting payload. The Cobot Lift comes with an URCap from where the program structure is defined and different Palletizing/Pick & Place patterns can be made easily. On the Cobot Lift tool you can attach the required end-effector e.g. gripper, suction cup, etc.

We recently released a new feature called Vision-Guided Depalletizing Solution – VGDS – in which our Mobile Solution is combined with a light-sensitive camera that enables Universal Robots to not only detect sacks of different sizes and shapes, but also find their center point in order to have a more accurate gripping for sack handling.