EasyRobotics EasyPalletizer Pro

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Advantages of the cobot palletizer
  • Improves both the productivity and the quality of the packaging process;
  • Reduces operating costs;
  • Increases the speed and accuracy of cobot palletizing;
  • Provides complete control over all aspects of operation;
  • Provides a variety of operating patterns to choose from;
  • Provides increased safety and reduced hazards for workers.
The EasyPalletizer Pro is a cobot palletizer manufactured by EasyRobotics. It is designed to change the dynamics of the packaging process, increasing efficiency and effectiveness at all levels, taking production to a higher level of technological and automated advancement.
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EasyPalletizer Pro – the new version of the cobot palletizer

The Easy Palletizer Pro is a lightweight and portable cobot palletizer designed with the intention of simplifying and speeding up the palletizing process within a production facility.

Easy Palletizer Pro is fully compatible with 99% of modern collaborative robots, has a lifting module version and is compatible with pallets used in the United States, Australia and Europe.


Cobot palletizing and depalletizing system

The EasyRobotics palletizer consists of a main console with an interior compartment for storing the robot controller, cables, hosts and either a lift module or a base. There is a pallet docking system on each side of the product, which can measure the correct position of the pallet and inform when the pallet is incorrectly positioned. The system also has extended ”legs” that can be extended to work with larger cobots.

The EasyPalletizer Pro is fully compatible with collaborative robots with a payload capacity of up to 20 kilograms, such as B. the UR20 series or the Doosan H series.

This professional robotic palletizing system makes the process easier and more efficient. The use of robots in automation helps to keep palletizing flexible, reliable and productive. Combinations of different grippers and a conveyor belt enable quick and efficient palletizing of different types of goods in different types of packaging.



The EasyPalletizer Pro controller and control buttons are conveniently located on a console 1.4 meters high, making work easy and convenient.

EasyRobotics understands the industrial needs of palletizing with a collaborative robotic arm. Robots are fast and help improve packaging quality. In addition, they not only make the palletizing and packaging of goods more systematic, which is important for reducing storage costs, but also ensure a clean packaging process, which is particularly essential for food and pharmaceutical goods.

The lightweight EasyRobotics Palletizer Pro is ideal for a variety of applications:

  • Floor level palletizing and depalletizing;
  • Loading and unloading from/to conveyor;
  • Non-stop end-of-line palletizing;

An internal component plate allows for convenient product mounting in the EasyPalletizer Pro console. This may include communication cables, air hoses, etc. The Palletizer Pro can be delivered with the following accessories:

  • Permanently attached base;
  • Raised base.


Features of EasyPalletizer Pro
  • RJ45 Ethernet port. The Palletizer Pro comes with a plug-in Ethernet port installed, allowing monitoring and access via 3rd party devices;
  • Control buttons. The console control panel has buttons for each side operation. They activate the function of the palette, stop its operation or activate the ”reset” function;
  • Pallet recognition. The palletizer has four detection pins on each pallet slot and these pins ensure that the pallets are correctly docked before the palletizing begins. The feature ensures loading stability as well as a safety of the operation;
  • Multifunctional LED lights. There are two I/O connectable multifunctional LED lights on the front of the EasyPalletizer Pro.

EasyPalletizer Pro Base, EasyPalletizer Pro & fixed pedestal 835mm, EasyPalletizer Pro & fixed pedestal 1200mm, EasyPalletizer Pro & Lifting column 876-1776mm

EasyRobotics EasyPalletizer Pro
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