New Scale Robotics: Q-SPAN Workstation

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  • Automate both part handling and measurement in one system
  • Measure heights, thicknesses, IDs, ODs, threads and more
  • Use robotic calipers for measurement resolution of 2.5 µm (0.0001 inches)
  • Incorporate existing manual gauges, including high-accuracy probes with measurement resolution of 0.1 μm
  • Collect all data from multiple gauges in one common data file
  • Improve process control, yield and throughput of routine part measurements
  • Increase production capacity faster than headcount
  • Deploy quickly with minimal changes to existing facilities and process flow
  • Fast part changeover for agile automation
  • ROI in less than 10 months
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Q-Span Gauging Systems

Q-Span® Gauging Systems automate part handling and gauging of critical dimensions on manufactured parts in high-mix, small-batch manufacturing. These mobile robotic workstations enable do-it-yourself (DIY) automation for QC inspection. Automatically pick small parts, use various gauges to automatically measure multiple features on each, and decide where to place the parts based on any measured dimension (for example pass, fail, or sort into bins by dimensional ranges).

Q-Span Gauging Systems will record all measured data to your PC for statistical analysis. Your QC team will improve small-part measurement consistency and repeatability, eliminate data entry errors, and spend their time on higher-value tasks.


The Q-Span Gauging System with a UR cobot and URCap plugin automates part handling, measurements and data logging.

We deliver Q-Span Gauging System with the gauges, fixtures and programs needed to inspect your first few parts. Then we train your in-house QC team to take over! You will quickly reprogram and redeploy the system for unlimited additional parts and projects.

The NSR Devices URCap software and UR teach pendant make it simple for non-programmers to build processes and robot programs for additional parts. You may need part-specific fingertips, trays, and fixtures.
Once you have built processes for your parts, changing between parts takes only a few minutes.


Q-Span Workstation K, Q-Span System(2-Grippers), Q-Span System (1 Gripper)

Q-Span kitNew Scale Robotics: Q-SPAN Workstation
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