Sick Safety: sBot Stop

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  • Easy and fast Set-Up: Intuitive configuration using the robot hardware (UR teach Pendant)
  • Smart Features like Smart Field definition, Fieldset teach-in, simultaneous scan data and automatic field fusion in case of the use of 2 laser scanners provides feedback though the GUI. This eases the setup, diagnostics, commissioning and validation.
  • Safe Productivity: Automatic restart decreases the robot downtime during operation.
  • Reduced Commissioning Efforts: Pre-Selected Hardware; Direct connection to URe Controller; Documentation compliant to relevant standards
  • Free & Safe Access: Intelligent use of nanoScan3 safety laser scanner features; Pre-defined safety functions; High safety performance level – PLd
  • Future Proof: Modular Concept allows combination with other SICK safety devices
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Sick Safety: sBot Stop Package

Sick’s sBot Stop is a safety system for safeguarding free accessible robot applications with the highlight of a fast and easy configuration of the safety laser scanner directly via the UR teach pendant.

Using this safety system, the robot will stop when a detected person gets too close to the robot working area. The robot will resume its activities at full operational speed as soon as the person leaves this area, providing you the highest productivity.

Sick’s nanoScan3 Core safety laser scanner pairs with the Universal Robots e-series controller’s safety features. The included URCap enables configuration directly via the UR teach pendant. The sBot Speed Package offers you a new way of safeguarding your robot application and achieve high productivity.

Sick Safety: sBot Stop
2 990