ToolDrives Compact Module

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The system is suitable for brushing and grinding steel with a cobot. In addition to these options, the system can also be used for drilling, milling, sawing and polishing. When milling, we recommend the 18,000 rpm version – the standard is the 14,000 rpm version.


• Compact Module with ER20 without encoder.
• Flange ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 connection.
• Control Box mounted and parameterized.
• Including Controller, filter and braking resistor.
• 230 VAC connection, 14 000rpm.
• Status + reset function.
• Cable 5m, power.
• Cable 2m, 12 pin M12 signals.
• ER20 collets 2-13mm, 12 pieces.
• Collet wrench ER20.
• Fork wrench SW21.
• Cable holder set 4-parts for UR10.
• Stick with documentation, software, URCap.



Compact Modul – Processing unit

Material processing with a cobot requires a high power density of the processing unit with low weight. The directly driven Compact Module – Power Drives System CM-PDS provides the user with high performance in the smallest of spaces with different interfaces for adaptation.

With the CM-PDS, operations such as drilling, brushing, milling, grinding, polishing and deburring can be implemented. With the ER20 tool holder, all round tools or tools with a shank diameter of 2 to 13mm can be used. A M14 output, e.g. for grinding wheels, and an automatic tool quick-change system based on ER11/16 collets for holding brush, drilling, or milling tools are optionally available.

The system is suitable for use in the area of dry processing for wood, plastic and CFRP materials, but also for grinding and brushing weld seams. The speed of the drive can be infinitely adjusted. The core elements of the drive solution consist of the high-performance compact module and the decentralized control box with an interface to the robot controller.


More flexible

Greatest possible flexibility due to variable design of the cable outlet, various screw-on options and a choice of a saw or ER20 mount.


With an overall length of less than 170mm, the Compact Modules are ideally suited for the insertion of horizontal holes.


More powerful

The extremely powerful synchronous motor with >2 kW enables the application in demanding areas such as grooving and cup band drilling.



Package solution – Plug & Play, URCap plugin for integration with Universal Robot Pendant.



Integrated safety function Save Torque Off (STO) for emergency stop.

ToolDrives Compact Module
6 357