Schunk 2D Grasping-Kit

Intelligent application kit for vision-based gripping


  • Easy to teach-in in a smart way
    Without prior knowledge in programming of image processing systems possible
  • Planning of the automated gripping process
    The software can determine the gripping points independently
  • Intuitive user interface
    Easy commissioning without prior knowledge thanks to guided software
  • Integrated collision protection
    Automated calculation of interfering contours of fingers and workpiece
  • Intelligent software
    The software adapts itself to not optimal lighting conditions and changing backgrounds
  • Application validation
    Risk reduction and easier commissioning due to application validation in the CoLab

2D Grasping-Kit

Application kit – Everything you need except the tool.

Included: Camera, industrial PC with AI, power unit, accessories to be able to calibrate.

URCap is available.


Application solution for gripping non-position-oriented workpieces, consisting of a camera system, an application-specific gripping system and an industrial PC (SVC) on which the AI software developed by SCHUNK is installed. This ensures reliable detection of objects, calculates the best gripping points, and requires no prior knowledge of programming or image processing.