Sick kamera PLOC2D-621-10RB

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  • Ready to measure out of the box.
  •  No knowledge about machine vision needed thanks to intuitive learning of products to locate by EasyTeach.
  •  Easy maintenance by simple to follow routines for calibration and alignment with the robot coordinate system.
  • Selection of sensor versions ensures that an optimal price/performance solution can be defined for every application.
  • The powerful PLOC2D URCap allows multiple cameras connected to same UR robot at the same time, for solving more advanced tasks with one single robot.
  • Furthermore, the PLOC2D URCap is multi-threaded, making it possible for the robot and camera perform individual tasks in parallel to optimize pick cycle time.

PLOC2D Part Localization Sensor

PLOC2D is a 2D Vision sensor for part localization and identification, tailored for robot guidance applications. Setup of a complete robot picking application can be accomplished in minutes.

  • Sensor resolution: 1.280 px x 1.024 px (1,3 Mpixel)
  • Scope of delivery: Camera with integrated optics and
    lighting, PLOC2D program
  • Dimensions, system (L x W x H): 71 mm x 43 mm x 35,6 mm

Camera for robot applications with URCap interface.

There are several versions within, for example, the PLOC2D series, so this is just a suggestion.

Sick kamera PLOC2D-621-10RB
2 890