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UR cobots bring incredible versatility and unparalleled ease of use to your applications. The UR20 is no exception – its 20 kg payload and 1750 mm reach make it an ideal match for applications ranging from palletizing to machine loading.

Fastest, heavy payload cobot

The UR20 is our top-end model with the longest reach and heaviest payload capabilities. Thanks to its incredibly small footprint, this industrial collaborative robot enables you to automate more applications where heavy objects need to be lifted over a longer distance.

The UR20, the first of the next-generation high performance cobots, has been redesigned from the ground up to provide up to 30% more speed and torque, advanced motion control capabilities, and first-class user experience.



Payload: 20 kg
Reach: 1 750 mm
Pose Repeatability, per ISO 9283: ± 0.05mm
IP classification: IP 65
ISO 14644-1 Class Cleanroom: 5
Weight including cable: 64 kg
Footprint: Ø 245 mm (6 x M10 60° 105 mm center)

51 745